Digging Deeper #3: Ecology Action as a Global Resource

Our food system is in crisis: many of the world’s countries are dependent on importing the majority of their food, and, as the COVID19 pandemic makes clear, our global supply chain is vulnerable to disruption. In addition, the soils that global agriculture relies on to produce the food we eat are depleted, and the agricultural resources life purchased fertilizer, abundant fresh water, and fossil fuels are also becoming scarce.

Ecology Action provides a program in which people around the world learn to use “closed loop” sustainable and regenerative farming, called GROW BIOINTENSIVE® (GB). GB empowers people everywhere to grow food more food in less space, to build soil fertility by sequestering carbon and recycling nutrients efficiently, and to conserve precious natural resources, including using as little as 1/3 the water per pound of food produced compared with other practices!

Ecology Action - a global resource cover page - click to download the PDF

Download Ecology Action: A Resource (2.5MB PDF)

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