John Jeavons presents 1-, 3-, and 5-day workshops, classes and presentations about GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming in different locations through the year. (Ecology Action also offers tours, classes, workshops, internships, and apprenticeships: click here to see a full schedule of Ecology Action Events.)

Current events for John Jeavons:

5th Soil Not Oil International Conference
San Franciso, California  

Breakout Presentations
September 9th Morning Sessions

John Jeavons will provide a presentation: Small-Scale Biointensive Farming and Carbon Sequestration: Growing Food and Soil for the Future, NOW
at the Masonic Hall 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM .

Click here for information and registration

Online: John Jeavons is featured on the Urban Farm Podcast

John Jeavons was featured in a two-part interview on biologically intensive gardening and farming.

Click here to listen to the podcast (part 1)!

Online: John Jeavons is featured on TUC Radio

John Jeavons was featured as a part of a TUC Radio mini series on Soil,
a response to the devastating forest fires in California in 2018, in this episode called Soul of Soil.

Click here to listen to the podcast!

Online: John Jeavons is featured on the Gardenerd Podcast

John Jeavons was featured in an interview on biologically intensive gardening and farming.
“While planning my trip to the Heirloom Expo I contacted some of the world’s top garden experts for interviews, and when John Jeavons of GROW BIOINTENSIVE responded to my email inquiry with a date and time to meet, I jumped out of my chair. What luck!” – Christy, Author at Gardenerd

Click here to listen to the podcast!

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming
One-Day Workshop

Olympia, Washington
Sunday February 10, 2019

Evergreen College
Click here for more information

PLUS: A Free Evening Presentation
Saturday February 9, 2019
Evergreen College, Olympia, WA – Exact location TBA
Open to the Public – Donations Gratefully Accepted


GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming 3-Day Workshop

Ecology Action Mini-Farm at the Golden Rule Community
near Willits, California
Friday-Sunday, November 2-4, 2018

GROW BIOINTENSIVE is the original regenerative, sustainable agriculture, rooted in heritage farm-craft and proven with science.
Bestselling author and Ecology Action Director John Jeavons and Ecology Action farm staff will share the skills they have grown over 46 years of developing, using and teaching this wonderfully productive system.
In just 3 days, you’ll learn how to use up to 75% less water, up to 94% less energy, and grow soil up to 60 times faster than nature – all while increasing your garden yields 200-600%– plus much more.
Whether you’re a backyard gardener or market farmer, this workshop will build your skills, just in time to go into winter and prepare for spring! Come, have fun, and learn How to Grow More Vegetables (and other crops) than you ever thought possible, on less land, and with less water than you can imagine!
Complete information, prices, & registration at:

Food for the Future 6-21-18 6x9 (002)

GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming Free Evening Presentation

Fort Bragg, California 6:30 PM- 8:30PM, 
Redwood Coast Senior Center
490 North Harold Street – Elder Room
Fort Bragg, California
Thursday, June 21, 2018

Free to the general public.
Donations gladly accepted!

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