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  • GROW BIOINTENSIVE Workshops and Internships offer an excellent opportunity to acquire a wealth of information on the most efficient gardening method we know. This information has been gathered from 45 years of practical demonstration, teaching and research, and is currently successfully in use in over 150 countries around the world. It also uses 1/8 the water per pound of vegetables and soft fruits produced compared with standard practices—reduce your vegetable growing water bill!

In the News


Online: John Jeavons is featured on WHYY’s “The Pulse”

Listen to Grant Hill’s piece on Biointensive and food security amid the pandemic “Can coronavirus “Victory Gardens” quell post-pandemic hunger?” On The Pulse, a weekly health and science podcast from WHYY in Philadelphia.

Click here to listen to the podcast!

John Jeavons is featured on TUC Radio

John Jeavons was featured as a part of a TUC Radio mini series on Soil,
a response to the devastating forest fires in California in 2018, in this episode called Soul of Soil.

Click here to listen to the podcast!

John Jeavons is featured in SFGate
San Francisco Chronicle’s online magazine, February 2013 issue,
in the article Three Ways to Improve Soil for Spring

Click here to read the article!

Watch the hope-filled story of GROW BIOINTENSIVE of Kenya (G-BIACK),
a project supported by Ecology Action and its members:

You can help make success stories like this possible.
Please donate and become part of the ecosystem of hope.

John Jeavons is featured in the Authors@Google series!

John Jeavons at Google

John Jeavons spoke at Google in Mountain View on April 12, 2012
about his four decades pioneering biointensive farming
and what we can do for food security in the future.

You can watch the video of John’s talk here:

“Very compelling vision, really makes me want to try some farming!”
-comment from a YouTube viewer

John Jeavons is featured in Acres USA Magazine
December 2011 issue, in the article Still Growing Strong!

AcresClick here to go to the Acres USA website!

John Jeavons Radio Interview

Bakcountry Radio Network Header

Backcountry Radio Network presents a
4-part series of interviews with John Jeavons.

It’s on the web at
in the April 18-22, 2011 Drivetime Audio Segments section, tracks 2-5.


Biointensive Gardening and Improved Yields

Principles to Maximize Harvest

Companion Plantings to Create Synergies

Save Your own Garden Seeds for Next Year


John Jeavons is featured in Ode Magazine,
March 2010 issue, in the article The Joy of Dirt!


Click here to read the article!

John Jeavons’ March 2010 interview with the PlanterTomato Blog:

“John, one of the questions I asked you was why Biointensive farming is so productive and successful. The answer you gave me was the best description of why natural methods of farming works I’ve heard. It is a real eye opener for anyone who has not considered natural methods and I think people will really enjoy it.”

-Mark Delman, author of the PlanterTomato Blog,
on his interview with John Jeavons.

Click here to read the interview!

John Jeavons is featured in the Premiere 2009 issue of Urban Farm,
in the article Back to Basics!


(out of print – click here to download a copy courtesy of


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