from John Jeavons and Cynthia Raiser Jeavons

With this revolutionary organic gardening method, you will learn to grow more food in less space, to build truly sustainable soil fertility, and to save money by reducing water, energy and fertilizer use!* This self-teaching video series provides an excellent introduction to the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method, and will get you out in the garden and building your soil in 8 easy sessions!

You can either watch the series online as we upload the episodes below, or you can buy the full-length series as a standalone DVD or in a gift pack with the 7th edition of How To Grow More Vegetables!

Buy the book: How to Grow More Vegetables 9th Edition

Buy the DVD: John Jeavons’ Biointensive Beginner’s Guide Video Series

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Episodes currently playing:
With English and French Subtitles

NEWOur self-teaching videos are now available with Spanish subtitles! Click here to view them.

(Thanks to Jorge Mariner for his excellent work creating the Spanish subtitles!)

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Growing Seedlings

Session 3A: Garden Bed and Soil

Session 3B: Garden Bed and Soil

Session 4: Transplanting

Session 5A: Composting

Session 5B: Composting

Session 6: Harvesting

Session 6B: Harvesting

Session 7: Saving Seeds

Session 8A: Choosing Your Crops

Session 8B: Choosing Your Crops

Session 9: Maintaining Your Garden


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  1. Thank you. Your detailed research and understanding is a work of dedicated genius. I am about to start bio-intensive farming and will follow your example closely. It is a wonderful gift to the world, that will hopefully save it from itself, that you provide all this for free. Thank you so much.

  2. This is a wonderful set of videos that have provided me new and renewed knowledge on what to do to improve my garden. I have grown what I call ECO garden sort inline with nature and how our Creator grows the wild pants, poly culture. My garden is a challenge as I have sloped land and need to grow in a step formation/, I ability to use the wide beds is not possible. But I will start to use the 60/30/10 rule. But the will require that I start new beds and space is a premium already. Thank-you for the available information and I will share this with others, too.

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