World of Hope

A World of Hope is a series of episodes that discusses the challenges facing us and some potential solutions available to us as we enter into an new era of enjoyable relating with our planet.

As you explore this series, please bear in mind that the episodes are meant to be read one at a time – one per day – rather than all at once. This method of moving through the series provides a day in between episodes for the ideas, challenges and opportunities and challenges presented with each topic to be absorbed, discussed, read about and acted upon by yourself and with others!

Thank you for reading – I hope you enjoy it!

A World of Hope:


Episode 1: The Tree

Episode 2: Soil Genesis and Growing Soil

Episode 3: The Seed

Episode 4: Abundance from Scarcity

Episode 5: The Fruit Tree

Episode 6: The Forest

Episode 7: The 29th Day Parallel

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