Join me for a 3-Saturdays Workshop!

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I wanted to keep you in the loop about Ecology Action’s upcoming workshop, and hope you will share this message with friends, family, and like-minded gardeners who could benefit from learning the GB method:

We are excited to announce our annual Fall 3-Day GB Workshop will be held online via Zoom, over three Saturdays: November 6, 13, and 20, 2021.

Our 3-Day Workshops have usually been held over a single weekend and required travel and more of a time commitment from participants. This year, everyone with an internet connection can participate from the comfort of their own homes and gardens, while still enjoying the same informative curriculum as in workshops past, over a relaxed 3-Saturday time frame. The workshop format is largely unchanged from previous years of in-person teaching. In place of live demonstrations on topics like double-digging and bed preparation, we will show demonstration videos detailing these methods, with a question-and-answer session after we watch together as a group. Many of us use Zoom to connect with friends, family, and work; for those new to the program, Zoom is about as simple to use as YouTube.

GROW BIOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-Farming (GB) is the original regenerative, sustainable, organic agriculture, rooted in heritage farm-craft and proven with science. John Jeavons and Ecology Action developed GB over almost 50 years of field research and teaching, based on centuries-old agricultural principles that enable you to feed yourself by feeding your soil with healthy, nutrient-rich compost grown right in your garden. John wrote the best-selling book on the subject: How to Grow More Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Berries and Other Crops Than You Ever Thought Possible with Less Water on Less Land Than You Can Imagine! Jeavons leads the workshops, assisted by Matt Drewno, the manager of Ecology Action’s Biointensive research and demonstration site Victory Gardens for Peace on the Mendocino Coast. Both are Certified Master-Level GROW BIOINTENSIVE Teachers. If you’re interested in learning proven ways to grow a great soil and abundant harvests in less space with less water, energy, and fertilizer – not new fads but time-tested approaches – we would love to see you this spring.

Over 3 Saturdays in November, you’ll learn how to use up to 66% less water, save up to 94% in energy, and grow soil up to 60 times faster than nature – all while increasing your garden yields – plus much more. This is an introductory course where we discuss a range of topics, from seed-starting and compost- building to harvesting crops and saving seeds. The program provides a strong introduction to Ecology Action and the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method of sustainable and regenerative gardening and farming. Many workshop participants enjoy the program so much they move on to our 9-Saturdays Courses or even take an Internship with us after completing the 3-Saturdays Workshop.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn simple yet powerful techniques that will keep you growing food for a lifetime, right where you are! Cost is $285 per person and includes a workshop manual. Other required publications need to be purchased if you do not already own them. Register at and start a new chapter in your sustainable life today. Registration closes October 20, 2021. We hope to see your smiling faces in November! ♥


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  1. Are you still holding this course, even though we are all suppose to shelter in place?

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