Resprouting Vegetables: Part 1

Do you ever wish you had a magically inexhaustible supply of food? Well, for some crops, that’s _almost_ possible.

Celery and carrots are amazing vegetables: they’re delicious, high in nutrients, and staples in much of our cooking. As if that weren’t enough, these powerhouses have one more gift to give us: with just a little bit of help, they’ll regenerate, and grow a whole new crop from the parts we usually send to the compost heap! I experimented with interplanting carrot tops (connected to a small amount of carrot) in the middle of celery bases on 8” centers in our kitchen garden, and they’re doing beautifully! In this manner neither seeds or seedlings are needed—just the refuse from the veggies you eat! They produce full-sized carrots and celery! Next, I’m going to try onions and cabbage.

A celery base and carrot tops, ready for planting.
Interplanted celery and carrots, grown from the bases and tops I saved from the kitchen.

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  2. Really? I have ever thought that this is a urban legend (maybe a rural legend) and that the topo cut can just used to grow the green part and collect seeds

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