Maybe Read This: Experiments with Plants, 6th Edition


As a farmer and a researcher, I am constantly reminded that agriculturalists from earlier times are often the best teachers. Experiments with Plants (6th ed.) written in 1911 by Harvard Associate Professor of Botany Dr. W.J. V Osterhout, is a good example of this phenomenon. An extraordinary book, it provides fresh learning experiences from the past, as interesting and relevant as if it had just been written. It is an enjoyable read and is easy to comprehend. Learning can truly be fun and in this book is enhanced by 252 illustrations!

The Chapters are:

  • The Awakening of the Seed
  • Getting Established
  • The Work of Roots
  • The Work of Leaves
  • The Work of Stems
  • The Work of Flowers
  • The Work of Fruits
  • How Plants are Influenced by Their Surroundings

A few of the many topics to intrigue students and teachers include:

  • A method of determining whether air-dry seeds contain water.
  • Learn how to determine whether or not seeds can germinate without air.
  • Easily test the swelling power of a single seed and a mass of seeds.
  • Learn how leaves work by projecting yourself into their molecular structure.
  • Did you know seeds planted under the soil can “see” the light above?
  • Plants Which Cause Decay, Fermentation and Disease
  • Making New Kinds of Plants

Out of print, it’s still available on Amazon, or you can borrow a copy through your Inter-Library Loan service. However you get it, you’ll be starting a treasured learning experience. You cannot help but enjoy this publication!

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