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Do you want to give up your commute, grow organic food, live and work in a rural community in harmony with nature, and help solve our climate, hunger, and sustainability issues with a group of like-minded people? Well, Ecology Action may be the place for you to put down roots!

We’re looking for stable people eager to make a long-term commitment (at least 5 years) to work as year-round Biointensive Farmers starting in 2019 at two separate biointensive research and demonstration mini-farms in Mendocino County, CA: our headquarters at The Jeavons Center (TJC) site near the town of Willits, and our Victory Gardens for Peace (VGfP) site near the town of Mendocino.

Benefits include salary, housing, food or garden space, education and meaningful connection:

  • A base salary of $30k/year (40 hours/week @ $15/hour, plus up to 8 hours of simple overtime pay possible during main growing season (Apr 15-Oct 15) plus benefits (paid holidays, vacations, and medical stipend).
  • On-site housing/food/garden space:
    • At TJC: $250 rent per month provides a large private bedroom in beautiful, clean, recently renovated, 2-story off-grid yurt with shared common space (kitchen, living, dining, 2 baths) for staff and interns. Includes water, power, heating, gas, and garbage. Rural, but a 20-minute drive accesses stores, restaurants, theatres, and community events. Also includes garden space and training to grow food (vegetables, fruits, and grains) in one of oldest continuously operating sustainable research and demonstration gardens on the planet (note: you are responsible for buying any food you need that is not grown on-site).
    • At VGfP: Private bedroom with shared staff bathroom, two communal gourmet vegan meals per day, free on-site laundry, utilities, furniture, bedding TV and internet are provided for staff farmers. No staff garden space or kitchen available (shared indoor kitchenette area and outdoor camp-stove for staff). Located at an eco-resort, 15-minute walk to the vacation destination town of Mendocino with shops, restaurants, community events etc. Access to public resort spaces at no cost and to onsite yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, and massage at own cost outside of working hours.
    • Both sites: ~1-hour drive to redwoods, lakes, hiking/camping, and coastal vacation destinations; ~3-hour drive to San Francisco/Bay Area.
  • A world-class education in the closed-loop GROW BIOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-Farming Method used by millions of farmers globally;
  • The opportunity to meet and work with lots of interesting people from across the country and around the world, all practicing and teaching sustainable, regenerative, organic agriculture.

The Job: Ecology Action is a non-profit organization focused on sustainable agriculture research and education. As a farmer, you will work closely with Ecology Action staff, mini-farm managers, apprentices, interns, and members of the public participating in farm tours and workshops. Farmer tasks and responsibilities include garden planning, bed preparation, planting, composting, weeding, watering, harvesting, data collection and record keeping. Additional tasks include teaching and outreach (you will receive training in biologically-intensive farming and teaching methods to prepare you for these activities).

Please note: our research and demonstration sites focus on the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method; no other farming methods may be practiced on site by staff farmers. No animal husbandry, hunting, or fishing occurs at these sites. TJC is vegetarian (no meat or fish products on site) and VGfP is 100% vegan (only plant-based food products allowed on site).

Interested? Get the full details and more pictures here:

One Comment on “Help Wanted at Ecology Action!

  1. I’m interested. I am a Special Education teacher at a program called La Cheim here in the Bay Area. My students have exhausted school district resources and programs due to serious emotional issues, and are funneled to our therapeutic program in the hope we can make a difference.

    My dad was a gardener at a school district that actually gardened, instead of chopping and sweeping. My love of growing things goes to my childhood through him. Thanks, dad. I gardened extensively in my twenties, some in my thirties. Then, teaching moved to the forefront for some time along with an art form called fish printing, or gyotaku, in japan where it started. My version of it, anyway. Some pieces would probably look great on your walls.

    Okay, caveats. I turn 65 in July. I have never worked on a farm or market garden. I do have a community garden plot here in Concord CA of decent size that I acquired in Feb-March of 2017(with, fingers crossed, another to be added soon). I did alright for not being able to really dig in until June. The job called, after all. I now have some really interesting heirloom seeds from several sources I will enjoy planting this spring. Right now, my garden is herbs and recently planted big, fat potato onions, saffron, several varieties of garlic, and cover crops, mainly tillage daikon. As far as computer competency, my excel sucks, and it has been years since I’ve regularly used a Mac.

    On the upside, I have a feeling I would be able to work very well with the public, the plants, the soil, the training and learning, the living situation, and the physical work.

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