“Scavenger Hunt”

A Law School Exam Without Any Rules from The Paper Chase Television Series

The “Scavenger Hunt” episode (4/24/1079) from Season One of The Paper Chase television series (produced by 20th Century Fox)  is an extraordinary experience among many exceptional episodes.

This segment describes what occurs when law professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr. assigns an exam without any rules for its students. The result is of this 100-question exercise has the rest of the law faculty and the administration in opposition to the approach, as it is so cutthroat, and they cannot understand why Kingsfield “structured” it this way.

To pass a student must correctly answer all the questions.

You will be fascinated, and confused too, as the activities commence. The why eventually becomes clear. It may surprise you. Whatever your reaction, the “Scavenger Hunt” has great insight about people everywhere, providing an excellent contribution to understanding an essential element in creating better communities, countries and a positively functioning world.

For a blast from the past (and a glimpse of some of the underlying factors influencing our world today) you can watch The Paper Chase, Episode 22 on YouTube, below, or you can  buy the whole series on DVD from Shout! Factory


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