Soul of Soil

A couple of years ago, I wrote this piece to share my hope and enthusiasm for the simple, vital act of growing the Earth in harmony with the gentle and powerful forces at work in Nature. Beautifully illustrated by Judy Chance Hope, this is a letter from my heart to the world.

Here’s an excerpt:

The industrial revolution is based on “fire”—and we are “burning
up” the planet.

As you simplify your life,
the laws of the universe will be simpler;
solitude will not be solitude,
poverty will not be poverty,
nor weakness weakness.
~Henry David Thoreau

In Silence, You can Hear More.
~Henry David Thoreau

It is Time to Listen.

We can choose to work with the most powerful energy source on
the Earth—photosynthesis.

Let’s take the Green Path. It provides a balanced reasonable
planetary temperature. In fact, properly applied, it can be the solution to
climate change.

Our greatness lies not
so much in being able
to remake the World,
as in being able to remake ourselves.

We need to experience this life-giving Force. As we heal ourselves, so
will the planet consist of thriving resilient sustainable mini-ecosystems.

Be the first neighborhood in your area to have one.

You can download the whole piece by clicking here (~8MB PDF).

Descarga la traducción al español haciendo clic aquí haciendo clic aquí. (~2MB PDF).


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